DigiWallet App

Belizeans countrywide can now enjoy universal access to financial services via DigiWallet.

Customers can register for DigiWallet and enjoy the convenience of conducting a range of payment transactions with the simple use of their mobile phones. No need for a bank account or to carry cash or bank cards any longer.


Transfer Cash Instantly

Send money to other DigiWllet users or send cash vouchers to any mobile number registered in Belize

Simplify Your Shopping

Scan QR codes to pay for goods for services via our DigiWallet Merchants

Pay Your Bills

Keep your Digi and other accounts up to date without hassle

Cash In & Cash Out

Deposit money into your account by visiting any authorized Agents, and likewise cash out at your own convenience

Buy TopUp

Recharge your Digi PrePaid account at no extra cost and get exclusive deals on special days

Buy TopUp

Secure your hard-earned cash with end-to-end encryption; our solution is safe and secured

Customers can transact and do business with an expansive and growing network of Agents & Merchants nationwide.


Easy to register and use

Highly Secured Wallet

Instant money transfer to family & friends locally

Instant payments in store and when shopping online

Lower transaction cost compared to debit or credit cards

Safer than carrying and exchanging cash or cards

Authorized Agents & Merchants conveniently located in your neighborhood


How to Download & Register as a Subscriber

How to pay DIGIBILL using DIGIWallet

How to pay a merchant using DIGIWALLET

How to cash out using DIGIWALLET

How to buy DIGI topup using DIGIWALLET

Registration Requirements

  • Must have a valid ID (social security card or passport)
  • Must have an active DigiCell or Smart mobile number
  • Must be 14 years or older to self-register

How to Register

To sign up for your DigiWallet account, customers can register via the mobile app, or with the assistance of any Agent located countrywide. 

Anyone can self-onboard or register at any authorized DigiWallet Agent and will be granted access to the lowest level wallet. To request a wallet with higher limits, customers can initiate an upgrade via the app and our DigiWallet Customer Service Representative will contact you to finish the process. Note that customers can also visit an authorized DigiWallet Agent as well. 

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