DigiWallet launches
its Education Grant Program
which will provide $500
in DigiCash to 20
deserving Belizean
Too busy to leave the office?
Enjoy fast and
affordable transfers
to any bank or
credit union account.
Anytime, anywhere!
Whatsapp us at 623-8887
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DigiWallet App
DigiWallet App

What is DigiWallet

DigiWallet is Belize’s most comprehensive and cutting-edge mobile wallet solution! With over 190,000 DigiCell mobile users, and 90% nationwide LTE and fiber coverage, DigiWallet will offer all Belizeans easy and safe access to the widest array of financial services via the most reliable and secure networks. DigiWallet will replace the need for bank cards and cash with an easier, safer and more secure payment method.

Our Services

Send Money

Instant Cash Transfer, have peace of mind knowing you can send money to other DigiWallet users, anytime, anywhere!

Cash In

Add funds anytime at your own convenience to your DigiWallet Account from Online Banking or by visiting any DigiStore or authorized DigiWallet Agent countrywide.

Bill Payments

Skip the lines and the hassle! Pay your Digi, BWS & BEL bills instantaneously from our Mobile App!

DigiWallet App

Pay Merchant

Make shopping simple! Scan QR codes to pay for goods and services at any authorized DigiWallet Merchant

Digi TopUp & Digi Products

Out of Credit? No Data? Recharge your Digi prepaid or postpaid account at anytime or anywhere and never get stuck without airtime again!

Safe & Reliable

Have a peace of mind knowing your hard earned cash is secure

Wallet Types

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At DigiWallet our main goal is to make financial inclusion a reality for all Belizeans!

DigiWallet App


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How to Download & Register as a Subscriber

How to pay DIGIBILL using DIGIWallet

How to pay a merchant using DIGIWALLET

How to cash out using DIGIWALLET

How to buy DIGI topup using DIGIWALLET

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