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What is DigiWallet

DigiWallet Ltd. is a limited liability company incorporated in Belize under Chapter 250 of the laws of Belize and is headquartered in Belize Telemedia Limited, and the ownership structure remains the same as the parent company, with GOB as the majority shareholder. The ownership structure is further broken down below:

In this day and age, mobile technologies are changing economic life in developing countries, where many people are using cell phones to conduct a range of financial transactions and activities. DigiWallet Ltd. understands that mobile wallets play a crucial role in making the financial services industry more effective and inclusive by providing the unbanked and underbanked segments of the population with access to a broader range of essential financial services. 

Therefore it is with much excitement that we announce the launch of our mobile wallet solution, “DigiWallet”, which will revolutionize the payment experience and payment service industry in Belize!

DigiWallet will allow users to conduct a wide range of mobile payment transactions, such as person-to-person transfers, person-to-merchant transfers, merchant-to-merchant transfers, bill payments, purchasing of Digi products, E-Commerce services, loyalty services, promotional services, and many others.

DigiWallet is designed to be the most complete mobile wallet solution in Belize; with the largest customer base of 190,000 mobile customers and nationwide network coverage (~90%). Moreover, DigiWallet will provide universal access to financial services for all Belizeans, making DigiWallet the most complete and superior mobile wallet solution in Belize.

Why Choose Us?

Instant Cash Transfer

Send money locally to other registered DigiWallet customers

Cash In & Cash Out

Visit any DigiStore or authorized DigiWallet Agent to easily add money to your account or cash out at your own convenience

Bill Payments

Pay your Digi, BWS & BEL bills via the mobile app

DigiWallet App

Simplified Shopping

Scan QR codes to pay for goods or services at any authorized DigiWallet merchant

Purchase Digi TopUp
& Services

Recharge your Digi PrePaid account at no extra cost and get exclusive deals

Safe & Reliable

Have a peace of mind knowing your hard earned cash is secure