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Business NameMerchant IDAddress
88 Shopping Center1533Cor. Central American Boulevard & Neil’s Penn Road
501 Properties Ltd10121.5 Miles Phillip Goldson Highway
Abraham Hair Moda13553679 Blue Marlin Blvd
Admirals Place1192Municipal Airstrip
Agua Magica13012.5 Miles Philip Goldson Highway
Afta Owas 14214107 Flamboyant Street
Ailyanis1250Orange Street
Amaney OO Fast Food 100627 Freetown Road
Antojitos La Casita 14195 Coney Drive
Anson Snacks13635 Princess Margaret Drive
Athanee Creative Touch13606929 Electric Avenue
Autism Belize 12863.5 Miles Philip Goldson Highway
Baeza’s Tacos 1451Coney Drive
Baked Artisan Bakery 1492Cor. H & 17 Street, Kings Park
B and H Shop and Fast Food 13616636 Mahogany Street
Bakeology by Bakeaholic 14411308 Crown Cone Ave
Batted and Baked1203Gabourel Lane
Belama Best Buy1569Juliet Soberanis Street
Belize Auto Traders 14171 Miles Phillip Goldson Highway
Belize Chamber of Commerce 15214792 Coney Drive
Belize Inna Cup1477No.4 6th Street Kings Park
Belize Vision Center 13889 Daly Street
Birds Isle Restaurant 1041Albert Street
Bleu By Einar Marin10581048 Bachelors Avenue
Bradley’s Backyard BBQ1009Newtown Barracks
Bradleys Essentials10941635 Cor Spain and E Street
Buckey’s Coffee & Gift Shop 1154New Road
C and K Supermarket143916 Jasmine Street
Cellular World (Queen Street)135153 Queen Street
Cellular World (Albert Street)1351Albert Street
Central Bites1353Central American Boulevard
Centennial Belize Limited 15381 North Front Street
Central Drug Store 12521 Market Square
Ceviche Express 1236Cor. St. Thomas & Don Street
Celebrity Resturant and Bar 1032Marine Parade Blvd.
Chef Roger10041637 Spain Avenue
Chon Saan Palace 8888Kelly Street
Cielo Creative Studio and Media 100298 Princess Margaret Drive
Cork Street Whiskey Bar 152919 Cork Street
Culture Apparel 153493 Poinsettia St
D an D Diner14233rd Street
D & M Wholesale and Retail15561095 McVille Road
Da Buzz Restaurant1195Phillip Goldson Highway
Darios Meatpie138933 Hydes Lane
Di Bruwry 1530Old Airport Road
Digi Store – Mirab1102Mirab Store, Phillip Goldson Highway
Digi Store – Regent Street1101Regent Street
Dit’s Restaurant 152650 Kings Street
Don Ceviche1122Bliss Light House
Doonys Ltd1067Albert Street
Dot Box Donuts152829A Baymen Avenue
Elrhy’s Cool Place 1426193 Neal Pen Road
Empire Entertainment 15061095 Meville Road
Eve Secrets109920 Freetown Road
Fabulash and Brow Beautique 14494 ½ Miles, Phillip Goldson Highway
Fede Estverne Photography 15321222 Blue Marlin Boulevard
Filter Pure Solutions 14221061 Durgeon Drive
Fine Taste1152Marine Parade Blvd.
Flavaz Deck N Grill1550Flavaz Deck N Grill
Flor A Sol Flowers123816th Street
Four Square1316Phillip Goldson Highway
Free Town Drug Store101628 Freetown Drug Store
Frisky Little Business1069Online
Frozen (Belize City)1242Buttonwood Bay Boulevard
Fultec Systems Ltd. 1030831 Coney Drive
Galaxy Kids 12549 Orange Street
Go Wireless (PGHW) 1196Phillip Goldson Highway
Go Wireless (West Collet Canal)1199West Collet Canal
Golden Bay1194Marine Parade Blvd.
Golden Sky Store118632 Cemetery Road
Global Leadership Network155230 Newtown Barracks
Gwens Kitchen 21288Coney Drive
H & R Trucking and Detailing 14168 Jimmy Dyer Street
Hano Coffee10423674 Blue Marlin Blvd.
High Rise Thread136454 Euphrates Avenue
Holly Corner 1354Downtown Plaza Unit G
Hoy Eye Center1072Cor. St Thomas and St. Joseph Street
Jadore Belize 1150Phillip Goldson Highway
J and K Colors Icecream13346121 Seashore Drive
J and W Shopping Mart109022 6th Street
James Brodie & Co Ltd (Phillip Goldson HighWay)1201Mile 2 1/2 Philip Goldson Hwy (Northern Highway)
James Brodie & Co Ltd (Albert Street)1201Albert Street
James Shopping Center1136New Town Barracks
Joes Meat Shop Bze City1121Central American Blvd.
Jus Roll1390Mobile Food Truck
Kandles by Kay147011 C Street
KFC Cetering148535 Amara Avenue
King Cutz1017Northern Shops, Phillip Goldson Highway
Krazzy Kups 1249Northern Shops, Phillip Goldson Highway
L Castillo Garage 1237Electric Avenue
Lagom Terrace1155Hopkins Street
Lila Love Massage And Body Care 152378 Freetown Road
Little Johns Corner109724 Landivar Street
Lucky Star 2106483 Central American Boulevard
Magic Fingers1240Cemetery Road
Mama Rosa1124359 Mateo Ayuso Street
Mapp Street Market Place 15252 Mapp Street
Mary’s BBQ & Tacos 1493Philip Goldson Highway
Maya Sew and So1123Albert Street
Mclean Insurance Brokers and Risk109125 3rd St Kings Park Area
Meat Supply Butchery13175552 Baymen Ave
Meraki Beauty Point103953 Prince Street
Mid-Town Grocery Store 143863 Albert Street
Midtown Restaurant & Bar1128New Town Barracks
Mikado Textile Store1185Albert Street
Milani’s Place1197Albert Street
Miss Debs1344Mobile Food Truck
Miss Den’s Food Galore1365No.1 St. Thomas Street
Moon Grocery 14611743 Coney Drive
Nail’d It 14425765 Meighan Avenue
Nari Self Care 15398002 La Croix Blvd
Naturally Belize Coconut Products133327 Albert street, Second Floor
New Road Supermarket1153New Road
No Fear Promotions1225Coffin Street
Now and Forever 1352Downtown Plaza Unit H
Oltsil Day Spa1555173 Juliet Soberanis Street
One Med Virtual Clinic 14439 ¾ Miles, Phillip Goldson Hwy
Pills Pharmacy1375185 Albert Hoy Ave
Print Shop JK119127 Albert Street Unit C14
Puma Roundabout Service Station1207Corner George Price Highway & Fabers Road
RF&G Insurance Company Limited 1427No.1 Coney Drive
Rali’s Takeout 122769 Albert Hoy Ave.
Roje Group Medical Supplies and Equipment 1320128 Regent St
S.A.J.A’s Lunchbox & Caterings 14897535 Rio Grande Crescent
S Cambranes and Sons 108413 Freetown Road
Safe Way Drugs Store138745 Central American Blvd
SAFE13152.5 Phillip Goldson Highway
Sai Bodega133532 6th Street
Sams Mini Mart123990 West Collet Canal
Sangria Mia109855 Chetumal Street
Santo Tacos1005Northern Shops, Phillip Goldson Highway
Sea Shore Store 13142.5 Miles Phillip Goldson Highway
Selly Boutique 1251East Collet Canal
Shalom Fashion1010Downtown Plaza, Albert St.
Sherms Village Gyal Diner 1465Freetown Road
Shining Star 1255Orange Street
Signature Deck1202Farmers Market
Simmons Grill1075267 Mantaray Boulevard
Simon Quan & Co. Ltd.1228Queen Street
Siir Billionaire Holdings Co Ltd 1386Phillip Goldson Highway
Smok’D 109546 North Front Street
Smithy’s Natural Blend148711 Lakeview Street
Smokeez Seaside Restaurant & Bar147363 Seashore Drive
Social Lounge1151Phillip Goldson Highway
Stuarts Courier Service1130Madam Liz Ave.
Sugar Fix Bakery1025Heusner Crescent
Sugar Fix On the Go1003Chetumal Street
SUN LED Services15726522 Central American Blvd
Tacos Don Carlos (Belize City)1206Corner St. Thomas St. & Freetown Road
The Butchery Counter1318Pound Yard Plaza, W Collet St
The Fine Taste1152Cr. Hudson Street and, Marine Parade Blvd
The Great Fella 14607006 Antelope Street Ext
The Pit Stop (Belize City)13595944 Buttonwood Bay Boulevard
The Tavern 15312 Mapp Street
The Whisk146911 C Street
Thirsty Thursday1129New Town Barracks
Tong Hay Tuen Fast Food107728 A Baymen Avenue
Tonys Store1089Daly Street
Tow Tow Grocery10856772 Mahogany Street
Travellers Liquor1217Phillip Goldson Highway
Tropicana 1155833 Albert Street
T-Shirt Factory15772.5 Miles Philip Goldson Highway
Twin Supermarket15595526 St. Thomas Street
UNO Gas Station (Phillip Goldson Highway)10151.5 Miles Phillip Goldson Highway
Vargas Fast Food 15273 Mile Phillip Goldson Highway
Vino Tinto1198Marine Parade Blvd.
Wellworth Store1253Regent Street
Wendy’s Fast Food13763302A Coney Drive Coral Grove
Williams Supermarket 2107926 Central American Boulevard
Wolfe Auto10203 Miles Phillip Goldson Highway
Yogo Bean (Marine Parade)1149Marine Parade
Yogo Bean (Philip Goldson Highway) 1204Phillip Goldson Highway
Youngs Automotive 13911752 Coney Drive
Zen Multi Services1273Gill Street
1st Choice Electrical 1425 4 Young Bank, Ladyville
24/7 Gas station1336Lord’s Bank
Black Orchid Resort 1272Burrell Boom
Brew Coffee House1156Unit 3, Mile 10 Philip Goldson Hwy Teichroeb Building, Ladyville
Buccanners Tavern1100Old Airport Road, Ladyville
Burrell Boom Pharmacy 1267Y Avenue, Burrell Boom Village
Caribbean Shrimp Restaurant1193100 Marage Road, Ladyville
Country Gyal Mobile Market1322Sandhill
Courier Kings1330259 Los Lagos
Digi Store – Ladyville1103Old Airport Road
Everyday Supermarket & Gas Station 1183George Price Highway, Hattieville
Helen Wu Store1271Burrell Boom
Leverage International 1437250 Fresh Pond
Lords Bank Supermarket 139926 Lords Bank Road
Marci’s Online Boutique 1466Blue Jay Street
Manatee Lookout1200Phillip Goldson Highway, Ladyville
New Moon 1358Ladyville, Phillip Goldson Highway
Nuguya Bakery1323Unit 1, Mile 10 Philip Goldson Hwy Teichroeb Building, Ladyville
Pure and Natural Hair Products 1462Mussell Creek Road
River Valley Supplies Gas Station1268Scotland Halfmoon
River Valley Supplies II1270Double Head Cabbage
River Valley Supplies Supermarket1269Bermudian Landing
Safyre Jewellery136629 Lords Bank
The Iguana Stop 1505Burrell Boom Village
Virtual Center13379 3/4 Miles Philip Goldson Highway, Ladyville
1688 Shopping Center 13402 Mahogany Street
99 Supermarket1345Nim Li Punit St
A and K Mini Shop 139627 Dunn Street
Angles Rotissarrie 1054Garza Ave.
Aria’s Lounge 1409Kai Mat Street
Ba Sheng Lun Supermarket 13274415 Nim Li Punit St
Baracks Trading Center1056Mountain View Blvd.
Bellavis Bistro13117560 Doyle’s Delight Street
Belmopan Hardware 12121 Mussel Creek St.
Belmopan Service Station Ltd1341Constitution Drive
Betta Park Solutions130020 Tiger Ave
Books School and Office Supplies1138Saint Martin Ave.
Buca Services Co Ltd 147622 Constitution Drive Belmopan
C & J Enterprise1141Shopping Center
Cafe Percolatte 1052Mountain View Blvd.
Caladium Restaurant1458Market Square
Capital Jewel12852nd Floor Venus Complex
Cano’s Courier Service 14084 Mount Mossey Street
Cellular World (Belmopan)1351Constitution Drive
Chon Saan Palace (Belmopan)1066Monday Morning Ave.
City Bargains Stop1145Saint Martin Ave.
Coco Gardens Ltd.1053Victoria Peak St.
Corkers1343Hibiscus Plaza
C.S Energy Ltd. 14748 Forest Drive
Dada’s Pizza1142Constitution Drive
Dakers Stationary & Books Limited 1046Shopping Center, Ring Road
Dantesque1144Forest Drive
Dhartani Mobile 1082Market Square
Digi Store – Belmopan1108Bliss Parade
DK2 Net Café1125Nicaragua St.
Donny’s Rotisserie and Grill123218 Ben’s Bluff Street
Double O Restaurant and Bar12483 Pacific Street
El Rancho Restaurant and Bar1326Mile 47 Western Hwy
Express Beauty Salon 150915 Racoon Avenue
Fansico Supermarket 151311 Nimli Punit Street
Fashion and More 15103596 Mountain View Boulevard Unit 5 and 6
Fermosa Cafe 1001Nim Li Punit St.
Frozen (Belmopan)1242Constitution Drive
Garden City Restuarant 1081Mountain View Blvd.
Hala Madrid Restaurant1205Maravillas Ave.
Heritage Coffee House & Table 1013Blue Creek Street
Hibiscus Hotel1349Hibiscus Plaza Mechado Parade
Ice Point1059Stann Creek St.
Kalgers Supermarket1115Toledo Street
Kiki Witz Ltd1213Mile 46 George Price Highway
Krayzi Coffee1584Corner Guadalupe St and George Price Blvd
Meraki Clothing 14018 Mandarin Street
M and G Entertainment154611 Tiger Avenue
Miss Debs1344Mobile Food Truck
Mikes Cue Club1055Barton Creek St.
New Taisan Shop 13391 Gaza Avenue
Nina’s Spa155313 Mahogany Street
Nutrilicious Corner1140Ring Road
Orbes Restaurant and Bar1146Saint Martin Ave.
Plutos Pastries 1049Flowers Street
Proz Style Barber Shop13463 Bliss Parade Market Square
Red Coral Store1086Barton Creek St.
Restaurante La Copaneca1143Racoon St.
Robby Run13473 Mahogany Street
Shekar14026 Market Square, Fire Station Market
Spa Trice14073 Intelco Hill Road
Studio 7118814 Hummingbird Ave.
Tacos Don Carlos (Belmopan) 1206Xunantunich St.
TAS Belize Limited 14683 Marigold Street
The Capital Print Shop 14103537 Cardinal Avenue
The Mall 1214Hummingbird Highway
The Plaza Consultancy 1406Market Plaza
The Smoke Shack Restaurant 14751334 Constitution Drive
The Wing Stop 1514Nim Li Punit Street
Top Meats1338Nim Li Punit Street
Wings and Feathers Ltd.1147Forest Drive
Agua Pura Ltd 103462 Church Street
Black Snapper Chill Spot1189New Area, Chapel Hill
Bonheurs Fashion1325Independence Street
Buccan Grill Restaurant 118127 Joyce Blair Street
Cool Runnings-Kitchen Cevicheria 1243Chapel Hill
El Bohemio Rock Bar 1397Riverside Street
Eye Care Solutions 1324Independence Street
J C Pizza1280George Price HighWay, Benque Viejo Del Carmen
MYOGURT1244Centro America Street
Papa Ben’s Bar and Grill150881 Benque Viejo
Sam Bruce Crown Jewelry and Pawn Shop 1384Arenal Road
China Town Game & Bar1218Estrella Street
China Town Hotel1219Estrella Street
China Town Palace1220Estrella Street
Digi Store – Caye Caulker1104Back Street
El Ben Cabanas Resort 1482North Caye Caulker
Enjoy Supermarket1221Avenida Hicaco
New ChinaTown Supermarket1224Front Street
Ocean Supermarket1226Avenida Hicaco
Sip N Dip Beach Bar1223Front Street
Sun Rise Shopping Center122962 Front Street
The Hungry Starfish Ltd.123155 Avenida Hicaco
ATM Supermarket1342Teakettle Village
BM Stop n Shop 1452Santa Familia Village
Central Agency 1522Roaring Creek
Delone’s Deli 1403Cotton Tree Village
DY Smoothie Craze15579 Roaring Creek Village
Ebarn153722nd Street East
Garbutt Service Station Company Limited1547Roaring Creek Village
Hello Body!1564Central Farm
Hot Mamas Belize Ltd1319Mile 61 George Price Highway, Unitedville
Miss Debs1344Mobile Food Truck
Rayito Store1299Teakettle Village
Roaring River Golf and Accommodations Ltd1287Roaring Creek
Tots Restaurant and Bar1551 Valley of Peace Village
Beth’s Deli12622nd Street North
Bio Green Shop Czl132811,Orange Street Santa Rita Layout
Caramelo1117Corner 5th Ave. & 2nd St.
Chic Shopping Room 1011Santa Rita Road
Circle K Supermarket 1048San Andres Road
C’s Pharmacy 10832nd Street South
Corozal Service Station Limited 1492Ranchito Village
Digi Store – Corozal11065th Avenue
DigiGraphix11204th Ave.
Doni & Dodits 14466 Altamira
Earth 2 Earth Cutlery 13955 Finca Solana
El Comal 12607th Avenue
Esha Collection10711st Street
Euphoria 2112612nd Street North
Hotel Maya 1259115 7th Ave, Corozal
Jah Mundo1178Finca Solana
Itatie & Bros 147121 1st Street North
Jo Mel In1187Corner 5th Ave. & 2nd St.
Le Deliclassy1028Santa Rita Road
Mi Cocina1329Sea Grape Street
Mo’s Supermarket 1026Corner 5th St. & 5th Ave.
New Town Hardware 10447th Avenue
New World Supermarket 10437th Avenue
Orlando Patio Lounge1045Potzal Area
Pancho’s Drink House 10271st Avenue
Rainbow Town Supermarket1114Corner 5th Street & 4th Ave.
Season Supermarket 14295th Avenue Street
Sunset View Restuarant & Bar10311st Avenue
The Mexican Corner14487th Avenue
Wood House Bistro 10501st Avenue
Calcutta Community Supermarket1263Calcutta Village
Crabbys Hut Restaurant and Bar1290639 N Front St, Sarteneja
Daily Dose Pizzeria1554San Roman
J and J Family Restaurant 1264San Joaquin Village
Micheladas Abi 1503Louisville Village
The Pool Restaurant & Bar 1036San Joaquin Village
Bond with Me Collection14631581 Teddy Cas Street
CTC Competidor Trading Center1275Commerce Street
Dev Supermarket1294Commerce Street
Digi Store – Dangriga1110Commerce Street
Dios Es Bueno Ministerios Del Reino 1545George Price Drive
Family Shopping Center1276Ecumenical Drive
Fi We Mart1282South Road
Hanisha1278100 Commerce Street
Holiday Store1279321 Ecumenical Drive
Huang Chen Supermarket12981651 George Price Drive
Inshop Belize1464George Price Drive
Island Breeze Bar & Grill1222St. Vincent St.
Polanco Photo129778 St Vincent Street
Price is Right1230St. Vincent St
Selena Restaurant1274Hummingbird Hwy
Shashamani Repairs 14247 Plums Street
Southern Discount Tires 1440906 Howard St
St. Vincent Drug Store129612 St. Vincent St.
Unlac Business 141822 Commerce Street
Digi Store – Independence1111Independence Road
A. Carillo Fresh Fruit and Vegetables 1381Lousiana Farm Palmar Road
A. Tillett Jr. Bus Line 1444Trinidad Village
Add To Cart BZ131340 Bakers St
AGN Belize1076Royal Palm Street
Ahorra Mas 14981 Santa Martha Street
Alex Pharmacy1246157 Belize Corozal Road
Allures Floral Design 1434137 Belize Corozal Road
American Best Variety Store 1190Cor. Queen Victoria Ave. & Cinderella St.
Anairi’s Beauty and Beyond 14334 Savanah Street
Annas Kitchen1303Belize Corozal Road
Aqua Planet Pet Shop 154311 Temash Street
Babas1088Queen Victoria Ave.
BabyStar.Net1392Cr. Gravel Lane and Belize Corozal Road
Bangladesh Mini Mart 142814 Otro Benque Road
Barber Shop and Beauty Salon JJG1306Otro Benque Rd
Bats Landing 1560Tower Hill
Belize Live News101422 Smith Sonia Street
Belize Software and Technology Systems13043 Oleander Street
Better Life Pharmacy13564 Queen Victoria Street
Beverlys Online Sales 1495San Lorenzo Housing Site
Buddha Restaurant 15357 Aurora Street
By National Treat 1024Sarstoon Street
C’s Ingenious Creations13937 Progress Street
Carly’s Bakery 136925 Sarstoon Street
Crafty 1018Jamaica St.
Curiosidades Nelvin1563Queen Victoria Avenue
Davics Meat Market 1385Belize Corozal Road
De la Fuente Pharmacy 143116 Main Street
D’ Flag Store1544115A Belize Corozal Road
Dickerson Family Mart 1245Belize Corozal Road
Dickerson Supermarket1126Cinderella St.
Digi Store – Orange Walk1107Main Street
DR’s Pharmacy10191 A Santa Ana Street
Dulce’s Meat Pies143622 Smithsonia Street
Elegancia Perez 1562South Park Street
El Torito Meat Shop 1394Otro Benque Road
E’s Closet by Emily Logan 13685 Banak Street
Executive Alliance 1371Progress Street
Focus & Tea Time1135Baker’s Street
Francisco’s Mexican Stlye Tacos 1486Queen Victoria Avenue
Frozen (Orange Walk)1242Main Street
Gran Paints1133Queen Victoria Ave.
Harry Shop1312Cementry Street
Hug in a Mug1116Dunn Street
Ice Break10224 Park Street
JDs Snack Shop1331Stadium Street
Jems Quality Imports1305San Francisco St
Lamanai River side Retreat1023Lamanai Alley
Landys Hardware & Home Center 1068Belize Corozal Road
Lasting Impressions Designs 1367Santa Familia Street
Lopez Auto Mechanic 147210 San Lorenzo Housing Site
Lovely Classy Nails 15613 San Antonio Road
Maria’s Bakeshop & Coffee House10747 Progress Street
Maris Store Online 149956 Main Street
Mecha’s Irish Cream 1445Santa Martha Street
Medina’s Garage 1215Sylvestre Street
Mega Solutions (Qwik) 1127Benque Viejo St.
Nads Mini Mart1211Barracks
Nahil Mayab Resturant1047Guadalupe St.
Paulita’s Floral & Remembrance Services 137229 San Lorenzo Housing Site
Pocket Mobile1180Progress St.
Ramiros Used Tires1257Belize Corozal Road
Reyes Organic Beauty 1370Avocado Street
Ricks Block & Tile Factory1179Progress St.
Riteway103336 Main Street
Riverside Barbershop 143260 Riverside Street
Roadside Mouthful1308San Andres Street
Shalom13572 Lovers Lane
Salutaris Plus 15042 Dunn Street
San Francisco Restaurant13105 San Fransico Street
Shuga City Nutrition Outlet 1309San Andres Street
SkyPur1119Progress St.
Sound Warehouse1070Tangerine St.
Spice Bites1118Aurora Street
The Agency Realty And Land Consultancy 14357 Progress Street
The Juice Bar130746 Progress Street
The Mojito Restaurant125616 Liberty Avenue
The Shopping Bag1519156 Belize Corozal Road
Typsy Lounge1447Cinderella Street
V2U Shopping Center1087Park Street
Wax BayBee Beauty Studio 1430Maskall Street
Weiner on a Bun 15202 Santa Familia Street
Yeezy Shopping1233San Jose Village
Zeta Auto Parts Ltd120964 Liberty Avenue
Digi Store – Punta Gorda1113King/Main St.
The Ultimate Computer Repair and Services132125 George Price Street
Anglers Seafood Restaurant1497Barrier Reef Drive
ATR Ltd (Aji Tapa Bar & Restaurant/PUR Boutique Cabanas)1478North Ambergris Caye
Black & White Garifuna Restaurant1484Sea Grape Drive
Cellular World (San Pedro)1351Pescador Drive
CG Esthetic 1502Angel Coral Street
Digi Store – San Pedro1105Pescador Drive
Enell’s Deli 12083 Miles North San Pedro
Estels Dine By The Sea 1481Buccanners Street
Heart Pharmacy1132Swan Street
Itza’s Caribbean Flavour’s 1483San Juan Area
JK’s Kitchen 1490Seagrape Drive
Joes Meat Shop 1182Barrier Reef Drive
JYOTO Japanese Restaurant 1479Angel Coral Street
Ladino’s Chicken Shack 14884 Seagull Street
Lavish Habit Café 1507Boca Del Rio Beach Front
Middle Street Cuisine 1377Pescador Drive
My Little Shop 1420San Pedro Town
Midtown Coffee Bar1131Barrier Reef Drive
Nellies Baby Nest 1184Black Coral Street
Normas Deli1480Angel Coral Street
Pirates Pizza Ltd 151814 Wings Building
Shanta Store 1450Barrier Reef Drive
The Sand Bar Limited1490Pescador Drive
Alexander Twin Town Restaurant1302Cor. Eve Street and West St
Ale’s Beach Treasures1583Savannah Area, San Ignacio Farmers Market
Ali’s Barber 14572 Guerro Street
Belize Fish Bowl 141315th Street
Boca’s Restaurant 151736 Burns Avenue
Charmell106516 West Street
Cucina 1904154024 Bullet Tree Road
Delmys Mini Shop1549 29 Alpha Centauri Street
Digi Store – San Ignacio1109Burns Avenue
Ebuy Belize1511Shawville
Eddie’s Art Gallery 1515Savannah Area, Down Town
Golden Cutz Barber Shop1139Maya Street
Gordos Meat Shop1134San Ignacio Market
Guru Electronics1548Savannah Street Manzanero Building
Hegar’s Bio Medical Center 1412Josephs Andrews Drive
Hode’s Place1057Savannah St.
Juan Chuc and Sons 138031 Bullet Tree Road
Kontiki Cevicheria Bar 14159 Wolf Street
L’s Stop N Shop 1453Cedar Street Santiago Juan Layout
Liz Fast Food 15124 Eleventh Street
Love Town Coffee & Boba Tea1080Love Town Coffee & Boba Tea
Mi Belle Institute 1404Burns Avenue
Mi Driva1241Branch Mouth Road
Midas Resort Limited1332Branch Mouth Road
Mista Pick-Up1210Carlos Habet Layout
Mom & Me1060Burns Avenue
NB Creations1580Cahal Pech Area
Nice Snacks 1348Buena Vista Development
Papa Churros15702nd Street
Pupuseria T & J 145414 B Vaca Street
Pupuseria La Exquisita 151626 Bullet Tree Road
Paw’s Veterinary Clinic 14051 Joseph Andrews Drive
Pizza Boys Pizza 2 152411 Hudson Street
Pops Resturant1073West Street
Sansco Supermarket121694 George Price Highway
Spotlight Services 138331 Joseph Andrews Drive
Summit Auto Parts 13796 Stanton Street
Studio 7126653 Burns Avenue
Vale’s Procraft Printing138242 George Price Highway
Venus Hotel1137Burns Avenue
Yolis Pizza 21148Welcome Center
ABM Sea Food1414161 George Price Highway
Anthony’s Supermarket 137498 George Price Highway
Carillo Puerto Service Station 137880 George Price Highway
Chen’s Supermarket 1040George Price Highway
Delia’s Decorator Center14671 Aguada Street
E.R Printing & Computer Center137362 Mount Ebenezer Street
First Auto Accessories 1411126 George Price Highway
Health Smart Pharmacy 103587 George Price Highway
New Flag Supermarket1258106 George Price Highway
Party Plus 103787 George Price Highway
Pro Imports Ltd 135027 Bradley Bank
Stevens Barber Shop 145587 A George Price Highway
The Ceviche Bar 145613 Star Apple Street
B and G Store1293Hopkins Village
Castillo Restaurant and Bar1295Hopkins Village
Digi Store – Independence1111Big Creek Blvd., Independence Village
Digi Store – Placencia1112Main Street
Dong Lee Supermarket1281South Road, Hopkins
Happy Shopping Center1283Hopkins Village
Jackys Supermarket1284Silk Grass
Madafayah Flavorful Sauce1093Marigold Street
Maximo Bar and Grill1277Hopkins Village
Mings Supermarket1291Placencia
Nice Cream Hopkins1292Hopkins Village
Tania Guest House 1459Hopkins Village
Hilltop View Restaurant and Bar1092San Antonio